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Whether install, preventative maintenance, or repair, time wasted doesn't cut it in our fast paced industry. We can get you the parts and service you need to keep moving forward. And we can come to you when just parts aren't enough.

Our products focus on your robotic automation:

From kits that save you time on robot install, to the parts you need to get your line back up and running, MBI offers unique support products. Our integrator kits filled a need that we saw in partnering with machine builders using DENSO Robots. Our refurbished robot packages give you the assurance of a great robot, evaluated by the best in the country and backed with a warranty. At a price that keeps you in budget.

Integrator Kits

Our custom breakout boards and cable kits turn your install in to a plug and play.  We, first hand, spent countless hours wiring in twisted pairs, trying to see the difference between tan and almond.  So we developed a kit to make it easier to land your robot into your panel and easier to troubleshoot later.  Our kit provides a breakout in your panel that is a 1 to 1 pin out to your robot cable.

Refurbished Robot Packages

So many businesses are caught between tight budgets and the often high cost of automation.  We provide a middle ground, robot packages that give you the assurance of new with the discount of used.  Our refurbished robots are completely evaluated, rebuilt, and tested by the same MBI specialists that DENSO relies on to keep their robots running.  Our robots are warranty backed and ready for your automation solution.

Spare Parts

Sometimes, next-day isn’t soon enough.  We have access to the full catalog of spare parts needed to service your DENSO Robots, but we also keep an essential selection of spare parts in stock in Grand Rapids, MI.  This allows us to provide the fastest possible repair experience.

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